What should you look for when reserving an executive ride service in metro Detroit?

businesswoman talking on phone in car

There’s a number of very important factors that you should look for in a transportation service as a potential client. We believe choosing a company with professional standards, safe, modern vehicles and experienced chauffeurs is paramount.

One should also be aware of companies that offer lower than market value rates and try to inquire about their reputation first before making a rushed decision based only on price. There’s plenty of competition in the taxi and limousine business so that doesn’t mean a discount offer is a red flag but there are many reasons to go with a service that keeps transport rates at the market value or even slightly above them. A good company will keep limousine and taxi rates (if not city regulated) at a level which can cover the businesses operational costs.

Running an executive car service is more than just putting keys into an ignition. The maintenance needs and insurance costs are often much higher for commercial livery businesses than what most private car owners could only imagine. A good transport company will pay chauffeurs a fair share for work while routinely inspecting their fleet of vehicles, so they can safely handle daily trips out on those often challenging Michigan roads.

When you live the Go Metro lifestyle you can sit back and relax because you know that we’re an operation which cares about safety on the road and customer satisfaction with each and every ride.


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